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Farewell to Erin

Here is a track I recorded a little while back on guitar (okay, on electric guitar with drums too and a few other sounds for good measure) of an Irish fiddle tune that I found in a pile of my fiddle tune sheet music. In my fiddlers fakebook it is listed as an alternative title for Farewell to Ireland. But all of the recordings of Farewell to Ireland that I have heard are a different melody than this version of Farewell to Erin. At any rate they are both about bidding the green isle goodbye, as my ancestors, Bridget and Patrick Early did somewhere around the late 1840s during the height of the Irish potato famine when the made their way to America by ship sailing from Liverpool to New York City.

Farewell to Erin

Farewell to Erin Sheet Music

Samsung Making Parts for Apple

So now there’s going to be Samsung AP chips in iOS devices?  The Korea Times is reporting that Apple selected Samsung over TSMC.  How ironic after the global patent infringement wars that have gone on between Apple and Samsung.
Samsung Electronics agreed with Apple to produce application processors (APs) from next year for iPhones and iPads, sources said Monday.
Samsung has indicated that it will produce some sample 14 nm chips for an unidentified customer and they plan to produce the production quantities of the AP chips beginning next year. The Korean Times report says Samsung will start manufacturing the chips […] Continue Reading…

Kimo’s Hawaiian Rules

One of my favorite t-shirts (and I love t-shirts BTW) is one that I picked up in Hawaii.


Never judge a day by the weather.

The best things in life aren’t things.

Tell the truth – there’s less to remember.

Speak softly and wear a loud shirt.

Goals are deceptive – the unaimed arrow never misses.

He who dies with the most toys – still dies.

Age is relative – When you’re over the hill you pick up speed.

There are 2 ways to be rich:  Make more or desire less.

Beauty is internal – Looks mean nothing.

No Rain – No Rainbows!


Eastman Upright Bass

I purchased a Samuel Eastman double bass several months ago. Since I having been an electric bass player until now, I have been working on learning how to play on an upright these past few months.  It is a VB90 model, which is a step up from the entry level VB80 bass and it has a fully carved spruce top.  I got a great deal on the price as the store had accidentally mislabeled it and they were good enough to honor the lower price.  Below is a summary of the bass from the product page and below is a short […] Continue Reading…

Live Music Update

I just got back from a vacation in Hawaii. Wow, I really needed that. What a beautiful state. I ate so much “Moco Loco” and fish tacos and wanted to sit in the 85-degree water at Waikiki forever.  That is until Hurricane Ana decided to briefly target Hawaii.  For the third time this year, the islands managed to avoid getting hit.  We pray God will continue to provide this kind of protection in the future for the people living there in this special place.

I’m excited about playing live music, songwriting and recording again. I don’t know why I ended […] Continue Reading…