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Fender Marauder and Roland GR-55 Demo

Here is a demo of some sounds from my new Fender Marauder guitar using the neck pickup, the triple bucker bridge pickup and a Roland GK-3 and Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer.  The Marauder may be made in China, but no matter how much I gripe about it I am unfortunately restricted to a made in China budget.  But Fender has done really well with this item.

Its construction was flawless and it sounds great.  So for $399 I think it rocks.  In this video you get a little taste of the Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer tone machine.  There will be more about that in the future. Anyway, this is, believe it or not, my first Fender guitar.  A few years ago I was tempted to buy a Stratocaster, but being the budget conscious (cheap) person I am I was disappointed frankly in the quality of the Strats that I checked out back then compared to the price tag and ultimately decided upon an Epiphone Dot.  I love my Epi and it will continue to get use.  But I have never been totally happy with the one solid body axe that I’ve had:  My Godin SD.  It was my first electric guitar and it is a nice guitar, but the playability was always less that I wanted.  When I tried out the Marauder it clicked with me right away and I knew I had to have it.  Everyone has a Stratocaster… I knew this would be unique.