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How to Build a Cigar Box Ukulele – Part 1

I’ve been collecting parts for quite a while now and the Cigar Box ‘ukulele project is just about set to kick off. Below is my parts list that I created after reading some books on DIY cigar box projects and reviewing way too many articles at the cool site, Anyway, stay tuned as I post some pictures of my progress on this in coming days/weeks.
The “XX” in the list are for those items that I have already obtained.  Just a couple things left to get!

XX Cigar box
XX Neck and fretboard, concert length
XX Tuning posts
XX Braces, Soundboard, Pine or Spruce, 1/4 x 1/2″ x 4′
XX Braces, Box, Pine or Spruce, 1/4 x 1/4″ x 8′
XX Bridge Plate, Maple, 1/8 x 2 x 6″
XX Thin wood – balsa for pickup sandwich
XX Bridge, Concert
XX Nut and saddle, Bone
XX Piezo pickup, wire and jack
XX Quarter (drill for washer for jack). Use Canada 2$ piece.
Brass bathtub drain strainer for resonator
XX Wood glue
XX Hole saw, 2.0 inches
XX Clamps
XX Strings (Aquila high g Concert)
XX Large rubber bands–Office Depot
XX TiteBond glue
XX Tung oil
XX Fine grit sandpaper
XX Steel wool
Clear Satin spray lacquer


Cigar Box for Ukulele


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