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Sheet Music for Angeline the Baker

I released the sheet music score for my arrangement of Angeline the Baker today.

Here’s a preview.  If you want the full 38 pages, you can get it from my sheet music page for a paltry $3.95 or only 10 1/2 cents per page.


Angeline the Baker Ringtone 2

And here is the link to Angeline the Baker ringtone number 2.  If you want to help support independent music creation, you can also go to the music store page, and buy ringtones (or song, or videos) for any amount you choose to pay.  All payments may be done securely through PayPal.  Thank you!


Angeline the Baker Ringtone 1

For your ringing pleasure, here is Angeline the Baker Ringtone 1.  I will post ringtone 2 separately.


Update on How to Add Ringtones to the iPhone

In an earlier post I talked about how you can add ringtones to your iPhone.  Today I discovered while working on creating ringtones for my newest song, Angeline the Baker, that somewhere along the line, probably in iTunes 12, Apple removed the ability to manage ringtones easily in iTunes.  There is no more Ringtones or Tones option or icon available in iTunes.  Looks like a control-freak issue on Apple’s part.  As you can see in the screen shot below of iTunes 12.7.x, the “tone” options and icon have vanished.

However, all is not lost.  I did a little research on the issue and I discovered that it is still possible to put custom ringtones on your iPhone, you just have to do it manually.  To put ringtones on your iPhone it’s a matter of dragging and dropping the ringtone file from your computer onto your iPhone while it is connected to iTunes.  If you connect your phone to iTunes (connect it via the lightning cable) and click on the iPhone icon you will see a list like this.  And if you have existing tones on the phone there will still be a Tones icon.

To add new custom ringtones to your iPhone you must first select the option “Manually manage music and videos”.  Once you have selected this, click on the Tones icon and simply drag and drop your ringtones onto your phone.  They should appear in the tones list on your phone immediately.


Angeline the Baker

I have a book called “The Fiddler’s Fakebook” left over from my aborted attempt at learning to play the violin/fiddle. I never got rid of the book because I love a lot of the music in there and find it enjoyable to play on the guitar.

My recording of “Angeline the Baker” is an arrangement I created of an old time fiddle tune based on a song called Angelina Baker written by Stephen Foster for the Christy Minstrels, and published in 1850. The original laments the loss of a woman slave, sent away by her owner. The melody of the fiddle […] Continue Reading…


Do you have a child with autism?

My wife and I raised a child with special needs and autism and have over 20 years of experience with issues from infancy to adulthood.  If you have a child with autism I’d love to hear from you to share your stories and share our lessons learned.


DB-19 How to Rosin New Bow Hair

This is lesson DB-19 How to Rosin New Bow Hair, and is a continuation of my journal of things I have learned as an adult double bass student.  See the video for a few pointers.

Watch The Video Lesson

Here is what I know about how to rosin a bow. First of all, I use Kolstein “Ultra Bass Rosin”, soft grade. I have tried several other types of rosin, and so far Kolstein is my favorite. I comes in a nice silicone case inside the outer cardboard case which keeps it fresh. I have my rosin for over a year and I […] Continue Reading…


Christmas Playlist

I just put together a YouTube playlist of some of my Christmas tunes.



Phantom of the Opera

Here’s a little video clip of a medley from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera being performed by the Evergreen Community Orchestra of Everett, Washington on Halloween evening!

Here is the plot summary as summarized by the all knowing Wikipedia:
Plot summary[edit]
In the 1890’s in Paris, the Palais Garnier is believed to be haunted by an entity known as the Phantom or the Opera Ghost. One day, the stagehand, Joseph Buquet, is found hanged, presumably by the Phantom, after boasting about him to the corps de ballet. At the same time, Christine Daaé, a young Swedish soprano, has been tutored […] Continue Reading…


Christmas Playlist

Hi world!  Happy November!!  Here is my Spotify Christmas playlist.  Have a very merry holiday shopping season!