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Bass Lessons

Welcome new double bass player!  This is where you can start if you are new to the double bass, or even if you have played for a while and you don’t want to miss any basics.

All of these lessons are different that other lessons that you may have come across.  I am presenting them as my step-by-step journal and commentary from an adult student’s perspective as I learn how to play the double bass.  In each lesson I will what I have just learned, any struggles I have had and how I have grown.  I welcome your comments and questions on each one.

Before we get started with learning how to play, I want to get some fundamental questions answered. This section will really help you get the most of this course so check it out!  If you want, you can subscribe to the blog to receive every post by email or you can subscribe to my RSS feed.  Both are located in the column on my home page.


DB-1 Frequently Asked Questions

DB-2 What kind of bass should I get?

DB-3 The Parts of the Double Bass

DB-4 How to Change Strings on a Double Bass

DB-5 How to Transport a Double Bass

DB-6 How to Tune the Double Bass

DB-7 What Kind of Accessories Should I Get For the Bass?


DB-8 How to Hold the Bass

DB-9 How to Hold the Bow

DB-10 Playing Your First Notes on the Bass

DB-11 Position Numbering on the Double Bass

DB-12 Left Hand Form and Fingering

DB-13 Beginning to Finger Notes on the Double Bass

DB-14 How to Use the Metronome

DB-15 Music Reading Basics


DB-16 Musical Scale Modes Matrix

DB-17 Playing Parisienne Walkways Melody on Bass

DB-18 Introducing the Roland Micro Cube Bass Amp!

DB-19 How to Rosin New Bow Hair