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Here is the Camelot Orchestra

This was the first time I have played in an orchestra for a musical (aka a pit orchestra), and it was probably the most challenging playing I have done so far.  We played in the dark (with stand lights).  There were many key, tempo and meter changes. There were many “cuts” from the original score, which made reading the music a bit messy.  There were over 60 pages of music to learn.  The music and the cast must be in sync every moment, so watching the director constantly was a must.  So, all in all, it was a great learning experience for me and a lot of fun getting to watch the show and get to know some of the cast and orchestra and crew.  And it was a great story and show.  Especially the impromptu marriage proposal by one of the crew to Queen Guinevere during one of the curtain calls! (nope, she didn’t run away with Lancelot after all…..)

Here’s the orchestra.  You can guess where I am in the photo below.

Camelot Orchestra Portrait