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Live Music Update

I just got back from a vacation in Hawaii. Wow, I really needed that. What a beautiful state. I ate so much “Moco Loco” and fish tacos and wanted to sit in the 85-degree water at Waikiki forever.  That is until Hurricane Ana decided to briefly target Hawaii.  For the third time this year, the islands managed to avoid getting hit.  We pray God will continue to provide this kind of protection in the future for the people living there in this special place.

I’m excited about playing live music, songwriting and recording again. I don’t know why I ended up in limbo for a while.  I guess I have gotten too distracted by various things including my day job, and spending too much time surfing the web reading too depressing daily news.  Enough of that.

I’ve gotten into reading through “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.  And by just doing some of the assignments, I already feel it helping.

I have restarted my nursing home music ministry and have decided to go at it in an impromptu way by just dropping by a nursing home at the beginning of the week and letting them know that I am available to provide music for their facility later in the week if they are interested.  Last week was my first try at this and it worked out great, playing a show on Friday at Bethany at Silver Lake nursing home.  I had a lot of audience interaction with even a few people dancing.  Playing live is also a great way, I’ve discovered to work out the bugs in my setup and in my playing.  This week I’m going to give it a go again, so stay tuned to see how things worked out.

I even had some business cards printed.  Check it out.

Christopher J Business Card