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Logic Pro X

Several months ago I installed GarageBand 10. I created several arrangements in GB 10 and discovered that there were some features that I need/want are not available in GB, such as the ability to mute individual audio regions within a track, or to mute individual notes within an audio region. So, I thought, “Fine. I will just deal with it in Logic. Wrong. I only had Logic Pro 9 on my Mac. But guess, what, GB 10 files are not compatible with Logic 9 or lower. Crap! So, I bit the bullet (wallet) and upgraded to Logic X.

Finally, and again my GarageBand and Logic apps will talk and play nice with each other. Apple certainly has it planned well in how to force its customers to spend more money even if they really don’t want to. I can now move on with life with Apple’s audio software Logic Pro X, version 10.0.7.

Logic Pro X, launched in July, represents the first major update to the software since 2009. Logic Pro X introduced “Drummer” which is a customizable virtual session player that automatically plays along to recorded tracks. Drummer made its way to Apple’s consumer-level GarageBand’s launch, with one drummer included free of charge and a set of 14 additional drummers with various styles available for $4.99 as an in-app purchase.

Logic Pro X is available for $199.99 in the Mac App Store.

Logic Pro X Drummer