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Temperance Reel to Real Rock

There may be some old time/bluegrass purists out there who won’t like what I’ve done, but torpedoes be damned, I put my own soft rock type spin on this arrangement of the Temperance Reel, also known as the Teetotaler’s Reel and renamed it Temperance Reel to Real Rock.

Here’s the tune:  Temperance Reel to Real Rock

Near Beer

And…….Here’s some info on the traditional tune From Mel Bay Mandolin Sessions:

Temperance Reel is another example of a tune that has crossed geographic & musical genre boundaries, coming from Ireland to America, where it is commonly played in Celtic, Old-Time & Bluegrass repertoires. This tune is also known as (aka) the Teetotaler’s Reel. The origin of the word teetotaler is credited to Englishman Richard Turner, who, while stammering, or simply duplicating the first letter for emphasis as was commonly done, urged a temperance society in the early 1830’s to ensure “tee-total” abstinence from liquor.