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Eastman Upright Bass

I purchased a Samuel Eastman double bass several months ago. Since I having been an electric bass player until now, I have been working on learning how to play on an upright these past few months.  It is a VB90 model, which is a step up from the entry level VB80 bass and it has a fully carved spruce top.  I got a great deal on the price as the store had accidentally mislabeled it and they were good enough to honor the lower price.  Below is a summary of the bass from the product page and below is a short video I shot of the bass.  I replaced the factory installed strings with new Thomastik-Infeld “Belcanto” strings.

(See my bass lessons page if you’d like to follow my video log of my learnings on playing the double bass.)

Samuel Eastman

Most players and luthiers agree that the tone color of an instrument depends a great deal on the materials and construction of the instrument’s top.The model 90 bass has a top carved of solid spruce, so this model combines the sturdiness and cost savings of a laminated bass with the improved sound of a carved top.

  • Fully carved solid spruce top
  • Sturdy laminated back and ribs
  • Solid ebony fingerboard
  • Solid brass tuning machines
  • Outfit includes PrestoTM padded bag and K.Holtz FG bow (German or French frog)
  • Available in sizes 7/8 – 1/8
  • 5-string available in 7/8 size
  • Gamba-corner pattern (only)
Here is the video: